Alcohol and Domestic Violence

Domestic violence, otherwise called family violence, is a punishable crime in Collin County and Texas in general. Under the Texas Family Code, it occurs when an individual in a family commits an act that constitutes physical harm, bodily injury, assault, or a threat against another family member. Domestic violence happens in different ways, including sexual assault, partner violence, elder abuse, physical assault, and emotional abuse. 

A 2020 report by the Texas Department of Public Safety contained data showing that Collin County recorded a total of 3,187 family violence incidence during the year of the survey. From previous crime statistics, most domestic violence incidents in the state are assaults (97%), while sex offenses make up 2.4% of the incidents. 

Domestic violence in the state is punishable by fines and incarceration if found guilty as charged. The Texas laws protect victims from their abusers through protective orders. 

Alcohol Abuse Can Cause Domestic Violence

Alcohol addiction is a problem affecting over 18 million people nationwide, including Collin County. Of the over two million annual deaths caused by substance abuse in the U.S, alcohol is usually a common cause. The consequences of alcohol addiction/abuse are grave, and it can have a negative effect on a person’s life and the community in general. Alcohol abuse can cause and aggravate family issues and even result in violent acts.

Domestic violence and alcohol abuse are usually interrelated. While alcohol abuse does not necessarily cause violence on family members, an individual can be driven by their intoxication to commit acts that constitute domestic violence. Intoxication by alcohol can cause an individual to be more aggressive and act on their violent urges. Such persons are not in the right frame of mind while intoxicated and may not act reasonably. 

Finding Help for Domestic Violence and Alcohol Abuse in Collin County

In Collin County, individuals that abuse alcohol and other related substances can get help from the Substance Abuse Program. The program provides professional assistance to prevent alcohol and drug addiction/abuse to individuals. Individuals in the program can get evaluations and referrals. The program also educates participants on the effect of alcohol and drug abuse and the effect it has on them and their community. Juveniles under the supervision of the Juvenile Probation Department also participate in substance abuse classes.   

The substance abuse program encourages early intervention of alcohol abuse which is crucial in discouraging continuous domestic violence. Residents of Collin County that get help through this program have a lesser chance of perpetrating domestic violent acts. You can inquire about the program by sending an email to The general office is located at:

Collin County Substance Abuse Program

 900 East Park Boulevard 

Suite 130

 Plano, TX 75074

 Office: (972) 548-5570 

 Fax: (972) 548-5579
Victims of domestic violence can also get protective orders to protect themselves from abusive family members. Victims can reach out to the Victim Assistance Division of the office of the Collin County District Attorney to obtain a protective order. The officials attend to applications for a protective order on weekdays, between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.