Supporting Others Facing Family Violence

emotional support

What Must You Consider?

Family violence pervades virtually all countries, cultures, classes, and income groups. This complex, multifaceted problem must be addressed carefully, preferably with the assistance of trained professionals, customizing workable solutions to each person’s unique situation.

Both short and long-term measures must be considered.

Short-term Measure:

Assistance programs that protect the person enduring abuse. These programs often focus on the critical period after an individual leaves her home, providing for her immediate needs such as food, shelter, and guidance. This is the period when a woman is most at-risk from the perpetrator seeking retribution, or when she might return home out of a sense of hopelessness, commitment, or misplaced guilt.

Long-term Measures:

In-depth individual counseling or support groups.
Public education efforts, which empower the survivor to re-establish her life free of violence.

Support Can Come in Various Forms:

Crisis Intervention:

Emotional Support:

Advocacy and Legal Assistance:

Other Supportive Services: