Collin County Council on Family Violence

Family Violence is a pattern of behavior used to establish power and control over another family member through fear and intimidation. It can happen to anyone, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, or economic background. Family Violence includes physical violence, sexual violence, emotional/psychological violence, and economic abuse.

The Collin County Council on Family Violence is committed to helping those affected by family violence. Our goal is to provide education, support, and advocacy to those affected by family violence and work to prevent family violence through public awareness and education campaigns.

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The Collin County Council on Family Violence is a dedicated group of more than sixty agencies, churches, and charities committed to pooling knowledge and creating solutions to halt family violence in our communities. Victims and concerned citizens will find resources and advice here. Professionals on the front lines of domestic abuse are invited to connect with the Council, attend its events and help build community solutions.

The Collin County Council on Family Violence (the Council) strives to eliminate and respond to family violence through a coordinated, comprehensive effort, which includes education, prevention, intervention, and seamless 24-hour assistance.

A Statewide Model of Collaboration

What started as a Junior League of Collin County, JLCC, initiative and workshop in November 1999 flourished into an active Council of more than sixty community partners. These member-partners represent all areas of the community, including local and state government, law enforcement, education, faith and social services, health care, legal, and workplace organizations. JLCC and Council members have partnered, pooling resources, building formidable intellectual capital, and pushing forward to unearth best practices in a gallant effort to improve life in Collin County

Significant Initiatives

Since 1999, the JLCC has addressed the problems related to family violence by sponsoring numerous community events. 2013 marks the first year the Council has held the White Ribbon Rally, through which area men pledge to take a stand against violence. The rally kicks off a community-wide campaign through which men will take a front seat in the crusade to stop family violence.

The Facing Family Violence Conference celebrates its eleventh year October 24-25, 2013. This two-day event features credentialed professionals and keynote speakers focusing on topics such as child abuse, elder abuse, partner abuse and sexual assault. The conference aims to equip first responders with the latest research, best practices, and tools they need to serve our population well. The Council has been commended for its multidisciplinary approach to professional education.

The Council also hosts an annual Business Summit to educate area business leaders to detect and address family violence issues within the workforce. Each attendee receives a free Employers’ Toolkit that can be used to implement a workplace violence prevention program within their business.   This year’s Business Summit will take place on February 20, 2014.  If any businesses are interested in in-house training or more information, they can contact the Junior League of Collin County.

Additionally, the Council’s faith community education program has offered many training opportunities throughout the years, providing tools and resources to faith leaders.  This year the Council holds the fifth annual Inerfaith Symposium for faith community leaders, clergy, and faith-based counselors on April 24, 2014 at the Collin College, Frisco Campus.

Community Resources

The Council has collaborated to create many resources that are used daily in our community:  Uniform Brochure for Victims of Family Violence, You Have A Choice; a Uniform Batterer’s Brochure; a Faith Community Brochure, When You Are Called For Help…A Clergy Guide for Responding to Family Violence; and Uniform Medical Release Form.


The Collin County Council on Family Violence is focusing efforts this year in the areas of community awareness and mobilization, professional development, analysis and efforts related to diversity and the law. The Council also hopes to continue to welcome new players to the table, building the organization’s intellectual capital. The Council works diligently to host meaningful events and spearhead new initiatives.  All the while, the Council members continue to partner together to raise awareness and address family violence within Collin County.

Council Professional Teams

  • Criminal Justice
  • Education
  • Faith
  • Healthcare
  • Social Services
  • Business

Collin County Council on Family Violence Sponsors

  • Junior League of Collin County
  • Collin College
  • Texas Health Resources